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Scientific name: Myiopsitta monachus.

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Quakers Are Known by Several Names
You will often hear the species referred to as quaker parakeets, monk parrots, or monk parakeets. The scientific name of the species is Myiopsitta monachus.

       The Quaker Parrots are very smart, inquisitive, fun loving and an energetic birds. They love to play with their toys, swings and bells. These birds can entertain themselves for hours practicing their chirps, whistles and human vocalizations. Both male and female Quaker parrots have an amazing capacity to imitate both sounds and human speech.

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Buy Quaker Parrot Online. Quakers are generally active and playful birds. They need a large cage that provides room for toys, perches and climbing apparatus. Quakers will pick up little bits of food on the ground, so it’s important to clean their cage regularly which is not so easy with an untrustworthy bird! Most can be taught to talk or whistle, but don’t expect them to talk much. There may also be a lot of screaming involved when they’re young ones reaching sexual maturity.

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Quaker Parrot For Sale: Looking for a sweet, intelligent, and friendly bird for your family? Then the Quaker is for you! A fantastic companion parrot, this bird loves to cuddle with its owners. They are sociable and thrive on human (and other bird) interaction making them a perfect family pet.

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