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Scientific name: Leptailurus serval,
Sexed: Males and females available,
Bred in Captivity,
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The negatives of owning a serval!

Servals can develop timid and shy behavior around strangers. The males can get extremely large up to 50 lbs! You should own your home before you comit to buying a serval , as they are not legal to own in many states and cant easily be rehomed - as they will be aggresive in their new home with new owners, they will only be loving to the family that raised them / or as long as the family that raised them is around. For example if you leave town and need someone to feed your big cat - they will likely be agressive ! Servals are also known to spray all over the house / outdoor enclosures and early neutering is highly recommended. If these things scare you, we recommend looking at a F1 Savannah from F1savannahkittens.com

The positives of owning a serval!

Servals unlike other cats even F1s have the most unique and loving personality that cant be mirrored even in the first generation. They are extremely bonded to their owners; playful and funny! They love to follow you in the shower , swim , goof around , groom you , follow you everywhere and they always prefer to sleep with you then alone. There is truly no connection like a connection to a african serval cat. But please, raise them correctly ! Or be ready to face a nightmare.

What do African Serval cats eat?

Start them on ground beef and chicken with no bones until older. Use wildtraxsupply taurine supplement with a procal calcium. As they get bigger you can start to feed bones. Mainly chicken, beef. Gizzards and other meats are good supplements. Some fish as treats.

How to raise a serval?


* let your kitten sleep in your bed or in your room in the least

* Never let your kitten bite scratch or claw without discpline

* Bottle feed for as long as possible! Do not skip this!

What is a good treat?

They like sliced oscar mayer turkey bacon.

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