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Scientific name: Lynx rufus,
Sexed: Males and Females,
Bred in Captivity,
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Description of Bobcats:

they are domestic cats and their ownership is not restricted like exotic wild cats. They are beautiful, playful, loyal, and make good companions for almost any type of household, including those with children or other pets.

Bobcat Characteristics

Cats are not usually known for having a love of water, but many bobcats do. bobcats aficionados claim water affinity as further evidence of their wild background. Still, as a general rule, this is a very easy-going breed that enjoys plenty of interaction with its family. Their vocalization is usually limited to chirps and twitters, although they will meow occasionally.

They are known for getting along well with both children and other pets. This breed is also sturdy and laid-back enough to tolerate playing with kids, although children should always be old enough to treat a pet with respect. Any cat will become defensive if teased or mistreated.

bobcats are usually happy to be part of a family with cat-friendly dogs or fellow felines. You should monitor any cat around pet rodents, birds, or fish, however, since their natural hunting instincts can kick in at any time.

Bobcat Care


Bobcat come in longhair and shorthair versions. The shorthair has a thick double coat, while the longhair's coat is up to 2 inches in length with a softer, silkier texture. Both types can shed quite a bit. To keep shedding under control, and prevent mats or hairballs, you should brush your bobcat at least twice weekly, using a rubber or metal brush designed for the length of your cat's fur.

Keep your cat's nails trimmed and provide a scratching post. Help maintain good oral hygiene by brushing your cat's teeth frequently.

Diet and Nutrition

Bobcats do not have any special nutritional requirements. Whether you provide wet food, dry food, or a combination is a personal choice.

Some cats don't drink enough water and need wet food to provide fluids. Your cat's teeth can benefit from some crunchy dry food. Obesity will reduce the lifespan of any cat, so be sure to monitor your cat's calorie intake, however.

Bobcats are large cats, but they should be muscular, not fat. Your cat's metabolism and overall health will change throughout its life. Discuss your cat's nutritional needs with your veterinarian at each visit to get recommendations for feeding schedules, types of food, and amount to feed.