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Scientific name: Panthera pardus,
Sexed: Males and Females Available,
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Buying a Panther:

      Keeping a panther as a pet will require a large compound which mimics the panthers habitat. As an owner, also ensure that you keep the environment stimulating for your exotic cat otherwise it might find other ways to entertain itself. This housing area for your panther should be clean with interesting toys and climbing obstacles. Panthers like to dominate anything below them, and hence climbing areas are a crucial ingredient to their housing.  Fresh water for both bathing, playing and drinking is also need for a proper Panther habitat. The housing will need enclosures so the panther has a safe secure place and get out of the elements.

Panther Diet:

The panther is predominantly a carnivore and will require a good dose of raw meat every day or two to thrive. The amount of food depends on the cat, but generally, about two to three kilograms of meat on a daily basis will do.  A good diet of such meat as wild boar, beef, sheep or goat, turkey, a deer or even fish can be enough. Panthers are also very opportunistic in nature and will feed on rodents, reptiles and birds for survival. A varied diet is best to mimic the cats natural diet


      Like all animals, Panthers will get bored of not stimulated and need a variety of toys to keep them entertained. Be creative with both the toys and snacks, freeze treats in ice blocks, hide food throughout the area. Use stumps, logs and thick ropes for toys and enrichment  Like all cars panthers are cats and will purr when happy and satisfied, and growlsor hisses when scared or angry. The panther is the strongest of the big cats and are fully capable of carrying their food or prey up a tree  Panthers are excellent swimmers and thoroughly enjoy swimming and playing in water. These beautiful animals are also very secretive and love their own company. They rarely hang out in large groups, but have large territories.

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