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Scientific name: Panthera leo,
Sexed: Males and females available,
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We are a breeder of a wide variety of exotic animals such as cheetah cubs, cougar cubs,jaguar cubs,leopard
cubs,black panther babies,lion cubs,yellow and white Siberian tigers and Bengal tiger cubs . We offer mostly the tamed babies of 4 to 10 weeks from our collections. We consistently offer high quality and well trainedexotic pets for low prices. we shipped quality animals that MEET iata  standard (international transport association rules and regulations) They are well care for and delivery is 100% guarantee , They are well trained,TICA Registered, easy to handle.

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Housing for a lion
A lion cage should be at least 20 ft wide by 15 ft deep. The sides need to be at least 16 ft high if no top is on the cage. If you have a top on the cage, it can be 10 ft high. The cage is to be made out of a heavy Gage wire. If you are housing more than 1 lion, the cage should be 50% larger for each additional lion. The cage is to include a smaller shift cage that is 8 ft by 8 ft. The shift cage is a place you can close the lion into so you can clean the cage safely. You should provide a raised platform or ledges. the lion will enjoy sleeping and resting on these. Another item to include in the cage is a large log for them to use as a scratching post.lions for sale.

Lion Diet.

Whole animal carcasses is the best complete diet. AVIAN EXOTIC PETS INC. breed our Pet lions to eat just muscle meat and supplement the diet with some whole carcasses or commercially available carnivore supplements. Bones should be offered once to twice a week. These will help maintain healthy teeth. Provide fresh water at all times. we will provide you all the breeding guides. we will keep in touch with you through out after you purchased the Lion cub, tiger cubs, baby cheetah cubs, snow leopard cubs…

Veterinary care for a lion.
A lion needs annual vaccinations for feline panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis, and calicivirus. Fecal examinations for internal parasites should be done twice a year. And the teeth should be examined yearly. More frequently when older.

Where to buy a lion
Lions can be purchased at AVIAN EXOTIC PETS INC or from private breeders. Before you buy one, check your city and state regulations on lions.  You may have to acquire permits to house one. luckily for you we provide and helps you get all your license in your respective country. Also before purchasing a lion, have your cage built, food supply ready and make sure to find a veterinary or use ours that will treat your lion. Lions for sale

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