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scientific name: Pan troglodytes
Lifespan: 39 years

1500 - 2000

N/A 2 out of 5
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Compared with most other animals, chimpanzees are incredibly intelligent: They work with tools, communicate with complex vocalizations, and are good problem-solvers. ... In both chimps and humans, this brain region continues to grow and organize for years after birth, allowing us to learn and develop socially. Babies make Excellent home pets.
As infants, chimpanzees are affectionate, needy, and a delight to interact with

scientific name: Pan troglodytes
Lifespan: 39 years (In Captivity)
Length: height of 150 cm
Weight:  in Captivity adult males weigh between 40kg
 Adult females weighing between 27kg
Tamed: Yes
Sexed: Males/Females

DOCUMENTATION PROVIDED(Mostly for our international customers):

-Cites permit
-Health certificate
-Quarantine Free Certificate
-Certificate of Origin of the Chimpanzee
-Purchase certificate
-A DVD on care and diet of your Chimpanzee